The 5 Most Common Laptop Problems

If you use a laptop for work, school or just to play games, there will come a point when there are problems. After all, nothing lasts forever, but these problems do not mean that you need a new laptop. A lot of people assume that when laptops are damaged they have to be taken to professionals or the manufacturer for repairs. This is not the case as some problems can be easily fixed with a few tweaks.

The Laptop Is Not Charging

Possibly the most common problem is that your laptop does not charge. The problem could also be that the laptop does charge, but only when you have adjusted the AC adaptor plug. The cause of this problem can be a faulty battery or a loose DC jack. The first step to fixing this will be to take the battery out and put it back in. There could be a dirty connection that stops the battery connecting to the laptop. If this does not solve the problem, you should remove the battery but not put it back in. Your laptop may run perfectly without the battery and if this is the case, you need to replace the battery. If adjusting your plug solves the charging problem, your DC jack is too loose. You will need to take the laptop to a computer shop or computer repair service to fix this issue. They will be able to replace the broken part correctly.

The Laptop Is Not Turning On

There are a few reasons why your laptop might turn off on its own and refuse to come back on. The most common cause is the AC adaptor, but only if your battery is completely dead. To check for this problem, you need to have a voltmeter and check the adaptor. If there are no signs of output, you should borrow an adaptor to see if the laptop works with the other adaptor. If the laptop does work with the borrowed adaptor, you need to buy a new adaptor. Another cause could be a broken DC jack. If your AC adaptor is working, a broken jack stops it delivering the electricity to the computer. You should try adjusting the angle of the jack and see if the laptop turns on. If a few lights turn on, but you cannot boot the computer, you have to replace your DC jack. If this fails, you could have a problem with the motherboard. The only solution to this problem is to replace it or buy a new laptop. A new motherboard can be very expensive and getting a new laptop might be the better option.

Computer Suddenly Shuts Down

After using your laptop for an hour or two, it may shut down on its own for no apparent reason. This generally happens when the laptop overheats. To check if this is the problem, you need to touch the bottom of the laptop. If this is hotter than normal, your computer is overheating. You can fix overheating by cleaning the fans, but you need to open the laptop for this. Dust is the common cause of overheating as it clogs the fans and vents stopping air circulation. You can use compressed air to clean everything and stop any overheating.

Computer Shows A Blank Screen

You turn your laptop on, all the lights startup, you can hear the fan, but the screen stays blank. You may also find that your computer keeps restarting without you doing anything. In these cases, you have memory or a motherboard problem. If the problem is memory failure, you will need to remove the memory modules. You can then put them back one at a time and turn the device on. If one of the modules allows the laptop to function and the other does not, you know the module is broken and will have to be replaced. If reseating the memory does not help, you probably have a motherboard problem. This is not easy to fix and you will probably need to get a new laptop.

Hearing A Strange Rattling Noise When The Laptop Is On

Everything runs perfectly, but when your laptop is on you hear a metallic background noise. This is not something you should ignore because it could be coming from your hard drive. Before you do anything, you need to save all of your important files and make a backup. Once everything has been saved, you should open the laptop and turn it on. You need to observe the hard drive and see if the noise comes from it. If it does, your hard drive is close to failure and you need to replace it. If the hard drive is not causing the rattling, you could have a problem with your fan. Cleaning the fan may help, but you might need to replace it. The way you do this will depend on the laptop you have and you might need to take it to a computer store for this. If these steps do not help with the problems you have, you need to take your laptop to a professional. They will be able to determine the problem and tell you if they can fix it. They will also be able to handle all the repairs to manufacturer standards. Providing laptop repairs in Brighton has allowed us to see the kinds of problems laptops encounter on a day to day basis and the ones above are very common. You can also find Hove Laptop Repairs on social media for all the latest information and updates.

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